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Dentistry for Children is committed to providing the highest quality of care for each and every patient we serve. Our reputation has been forged on our dedication to excellent service, highly trained staff of dental health experts and the compassion we show to each and every patient. We provide a professional and caring environment, outfitted with the latest dental innovations, allowing us to offer the maximum capacity of care to our patients.

At Dentistry for Children, we are the pediatric specialists that parents trust and pediatricians recommend. Our patient base varies greatly, as we provide excellent treatment to infants, children, adolescents, teens and those with special needs. Our dedication to progress motivates us to grow to better accommodate our community at every opportunity. With locations all over the Atlanta area, we’ve got an office in your neighborhood!

Our offices feature not only the best in dental support staff, but also a highly trained team of doctors who have specialized in the field pediatric dentistry. The dental needs of each child can vary greatly, and our responsibility to oral health mandates that our doctors are ready to address those individual needs with the utmost skill. In addition to a traditional dental degree, our pediatric specialists complete two to three additional years of rigorous training. You can trust that your child is receiving the highest level of skill, education and experience at Dentistry for Children.

In addition to our comprehensive team of dental specialists, we strive to make every aspect of our clinics an enjoyable experience. All offices have been specially designed to allow children to relax and feel at home during their visit. Surrounded by an imaginatively decorated décor, we’re outfitted with the latest games, toys and movies to make it easy for patients and parents to feel comfortable in their new dental home. Our kid-sized chairs and equipment are located in exams rooms that are open and friendly. It is our goal to give kids of all ages the extra care they need to feel happy, safe and secure.

At Dentistry for Children, we pride ourselves on our ability to calm and reassure those patients that may be nervous about their dental visit. We’re here to answer all questions and make our patients as comfortable as possible, while ensuring that they receive premier dental treatment. Additionally, questions and concerns from parents are always encouraged and welcomed! From thumb-sucking to hygiene habits, we’re here to help you navigate your child’s evolving dental health needs. We want to work with you and your child to maintain a healthy mouth and beautiful smile.

Every aspect of a visit to Dentistry for Children has been carefully planned and designed to ensure the very best for each of our patients. From the moment you walk in our doors, you will be greeted into a welcoming environment dedicated to comfort, information and above all, the highest level of dental care available. Your child deserves nothing but the best, and that’s what we provide at every opportunity. It is with experience, training, care and compassion that we welcome you Dentistry for Children.


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